What is the purpose of ReLeaf India?

ForestsWe want to plant trees on barren/degraded land. We want to contribute positively to the afforestation efforts in India (and across the world over if we get that big). In doing so we want to create sustainable employment in rural areas, and regenerate micro habitats for wildlife conservation.

We want to do this in a way:

  • that is profitable for us
  • more effective & efficient for the Government in terms of output and cost
  • that sets a replicable example for others to take this farther

Our approach:

Establish a company/trust that would:

  1. take land on lease from the Government/local administrative councils
  2. prepare a project plan on how to afforest it using the best ecological practices. the plan would include expected costs and revenue
  3. carry out the tree-planting and management using best corporate practices
  4. hand over the forested land back at the end of the lease period
  5. rinse and repeat

Guidelines for the company/trust:

  • employ full time employees to execute the plan. do not depend on volunteers and unpaid workers. use volunteers when one can, but delivery of project milestones should not be dependent on availability of volunteers or charitable funds
  • take up projects on a ‘for-a-nominal-profit’ basis from Government. do strict cost management and employ best practices to deliver the project as per budgets. DO NOT depend on charity/grants for sustenance
  • invest in research to identify best-practices
  • use best-practices aggressively to deliver on objectives
  • employ people who are passionate about the cause but are unable to work on a voluntary/unpaid basis because they need to support their families
  • document the processes that we follow and release them online so that other entrepreneurs can start similar companies/trusts in their areas; this would result in more rapid and more comprehensive geographical coverage
  • tap the Government and corporate CSR initiatives for getting projects
  • try to bring a co-operative-trusteeship model into this work. raise equity from investors AFTER informing them that the returns would be lower than normal economic returns; the difference would be made up by the investors’ satisfaction of knowing that they are contributing to a worthy cause

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